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Cynthia L. Jordan, PhD

Professor, Neuroscience Program

Ph.D. 1988, University of California, Los Angeles

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 Location239 Giltner Hall

Lab Website
Neuroscience Program Directory

Research Interests

Methodologies. Ongoing studies use approaches at the behavioral, cellular and molecular levels of analyses in addition to genetic mouse models that alter the expression of genes of interest in a cell specific and time-dependent manner using cre/lox technology and transgenesis. Some methods routinely used in the lab include tests of motor competence (such as rotarod, open field, paw print analysis, grip strength test), cellular methods such as immunocytochemistry, tract tracing, stereology, confocal microscopy, and molecular techniques such as quantitative PCR, in situ hybridization, Westerns and gene transfection.

Models. Several rodent models are used in the lab, including rodents carrying spontaneous mutations in the androgen receptor gene and several lines of genetically engineered mice, including transgenic, knock-in, and conditional knock out models.